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Australia China Health Summit

  • 17 Sep 2019
  • 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • The Langham, 1 Southgate Avenue, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3006

We warmly invite you to attend the 2019 Australia China Health Summit - a partnership event between the Australia China Business Council Vic (ACBC) and the Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA).

我们诚挚地邀请您参加2019年澳大利亚中国健康峰会。 该活动将于2019年9月17日在墨尔本由澳中商会与中澳大健康加速器中心联合举办。

An excellent business and networking opportunity, the Summit will bring together key stakeholders in the Australian and international health sector to focus on current and future directions and trends of medical Big Data and AI in Australia and China and look at opportunities arising from the expanding advancements in this area.


This summit offers an exclusive opportunity for approximately 200 key industry leaders from Australia and China. Proposed topics on the agenda include perspectives from the following key stakeholders:


  • Government Regulation & Privacy: how can governments formulate regulations and policies to ensure security and privacy, while at the same time take advantage what the big data and AI can offer?
  • 政府监管及隐私权: 政府如何制定法规与政策,能在确保安全维护隐私的同时,有效利用大数据和人工智能所提供的便捷?
  • Medical Research Organisations: what is possible now and wasn’t before given the advances in big data and AI? Opportunities for international collaborations.
  • 医疗研究机构:大数据和人工智能的存在能给如今带来什么以前无法想象的影响?例如:国际合作的机会。
  • Investors: how can big data and AI be commercialised?
  • 投资方面:大数据和人工智能可以怎样运作包装变成商业化产品?
  • Health Systems & Services: can big data and AI be in a solution for Australia and China facing the challenges of aging population, emergence of chronic diseases and escalating cost? Use of Big Data & AI in productive modelling to find solutions.
  • 医疗系统及服务:大数据和人工智能会成为澳大利亚与中国所面对的的人口老龄化,慢性疾病增长,医疗成本提升此类难题的解决方案吗? 如何有效运用大数据和人工智能来帮助解决此类问题?

Speakers include:

  • Zhou Long, Consul General, Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Melbourne; 龙舟,中国驻墨尔本总领事;
  • Shitij Kapur, Professor, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences; Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Health), Melbourne University; Shitij Kapur,墨尔本大学,(健康)助理副校长,医学部院长,教授;
  • Xudong Zhang, Deputy Director, National Institute of Health Administration, National Health Commission (NIHA);张旭东,国家卫生健康委医院管理研究所副主任;
  • Neville Board, the Chief Digital Health Officer (CDHO) for Victoria government; Neville Board, 维多利亚州政府首席数据健康官;
  • Bronwyn Le Grice, Managing Director, ANDHealth – Australia's National Digital Health Initiative; Bronwyn Le Grice,澳大利亚国家数据健康计划董事总经理;
  • Mingguang He, Professor, University of Melbourne/ Sun Yat-sen University; 何明光,墨尔本大学/中山大学教授;
  • Chris Bain, Professor, Monash University;Chris Bain,莫纳什大学教授;
  • Shifeng Li, Chairman, CEC (China Electronics Corporation) Data; 李世锋,中电数据董事长;
  • Kelvin Ross, Director, IntelliHQ (Intelligent Health Queensland);Kelvin Ross,昆士兰智慧健康IntelliHQ总监;
  • Guanming Li, Deputy-president, Guangdong Second Provincial General Hospital; 李观明, 广东省第二人民医院副院长;
  • Yong Xie, CEO, Guangdong China Science and Tech-Innovation Capital Management Co, Ltd; 谢勇, 广东中科科创创业投资管理有限公司首席执行官;
  • Stefan Harrer, Manager, Brain-Inspired Computing Research, IBM Research Australia; Stefan Harrer,IBM澳大利亚研究所,脑计算研究项目经理;
  • Michael Woods, CEO, Nextmed Capital;Michael Wood,Nextmed资本首席行政官;
  • Shyh Wei Teng, Professor, Federation University Australia,Shyh Wei Teng澳大利亚联邦大学教授.

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